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Kraftwerk dyno

Every tuning includes dynoruns with printout before and after the modifications.

We can also do dynoruns for cars not modified by us. Please contact us for this.

We use a Cartec LPS 2810 dyno, which means we can make correct measurements for cars up to 600 kw, with DIN, ISO, EWG and other corrections.

Our high performance cooling fans move up to 90 000 m3/h of air for sufficient cooling and repeatable results.

Before you get a car dynode, please check:

  • the engine must be broken in
  • have the tank filled up with 98 octane fuel for petrol engines (equals 93 octane in USA)
  • towing hooks must be installed, if they are missing the additional work may be charged
  • check oil level and tire pressure
  • the tires must not be damaged and have a sufficient speed index

A dyno run does not stress the engine more than a hard acceleration on a highway, but it is necessary to have the car in perfect technical condition for it.



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